Carbonization Furnace Operation Instruction

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Carbonization Furnace Operation Instruction
This Carbonization Furnace is an efficient stove can change wood log, wood briquette, coconut shell and bamboo Palm shells etc directly into final charcoal,can working without electricity. And it can working without electricity.

Buying Guide:
Ø About accurate quote for buyer
Hi customer,
Before we give you accurate quote about charcoal machine, please tell us following details:
1 your raw materials is what ?
2 the raw materials moisture ?
3 your final product is which style charcoal ?
4 your daily capacity of the final product ? 500kg-100tons /day available .
Ø About the raw materials : any biomass materials is OK
Wood log/ coconut shell / palm / peanut shell / rice husk/ straw ...... more than 30style
Ø How to get charcoal from wood log directly ? only use charcoal carbonization furnace is OK
A: one machine include :  3 inner pot + 1 outer stove + 1 hoist
B: one machine each day make charcoal 2-3tons , this is final charcoal capacity
C: raw materials moisture different, the final capacity also will different
   ( because more moisture means carbonize time will longer )
D: for more video & photo & MANUAL, Contact us by email or Whatsapp please.
Ø How to make biomass briquette charcoal ?
A: crush raw materials into size less than 1cm
B: raw materials moisture more than 12% , need use dryer ( less than 12% no need)
C: briquette extruder machine press it to get briquette ,which with density 900-1400kg/m
D: carbonize furnace change briquette into charcoal briquette

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