What is the biomass pellet machine?

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Biomass pellet machine is a kind of machine producing pellet from waste wood ,biomass,agricultural waste, which granulating fast and have good effect in the field of biological, the design of special hole of the filters can screening carefully, the friction filter rods can break and screening solid pellet. What is the scope of application of this machine in usually?
biomass pellet machine
1.wood pellet mill which use the swing role of rotating drum , through the iron wire sieve make wet powder materials produce into pellets, and can be widely used for crushing raw materials block as ready-made of particles;
2.In terms of chemical used for make wet powders into pellets, it can be crushed block which have been condensed, in the food industry for processing sweets, sugar mixture and wheat germ milk and other food. In other industries can make the mixed material such as ceramic, plastic into pellet.
3. Biomass pellet machine is not suitable for semi-solid, fluid, paste or wear purposes.
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