Hydraulic Silage Packing Machine

Hydraulic Silage Packing Machine used for packed silage into bags,for livestock farm,for animal husbandry forage storage, dry storage .

silage packing machine
Silage Packing Machine
Mobile silage baler
Mobile Silage Packing Maachine


1.Compact structure and easy operation
2.Stable and reliable transmission, flexible machine
3.Hydraulic drive, manual or PLC control operation
4.There are different ways to turn over the bag, push the bag or take the bag manually.
5.Installation without foot screws, where no power supply, diesel engines can be used as power.
6.Compression chamber size and package size can be customized according to customer requirements. 

Silage Packing Machine+ Conveyor

Packing machine +Chaff Cutter

Silage Chaff Cutter


Data Parameter:

Model HP-15
Power 15 KW
Hydraulic oil pump 63 L/min
Pressure 18 MPa
Capacity 3000-4000kg/h
Baler size 300*400*700 mm
Density kg/m3 800-1100 kg/m3
Speed 80-120 bag/h
Weight 2100 kg
Dimension 3400*2600*1600 mm
Suitable for Corn stalk,straw,wheat stalk,mushroom compost,etc.



1.Can save storage space, the extension of the green stalks, feeding time, 
2.Naturally fermented after packing seal, output probiotics, beneficial bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, protein, thus natural fermentation,
3.Cattle and sheep and other livestock feed after easier absorption 
4.Growth rate can be increased by 2%, 
5.Greatly reduces the feed transport, storage costs, 
6.Reduce the labor intensity of workers.
7.Bring real economy benefit to stock raising, it is one of the necessary products for silage storage of medium and large farms.



Finished Package

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